ICE FESTIVAL (2 March-4 March, 2016)

Organized yearly on frozen Khuvsgul Lake by National park rangers, local residents and businesses, the Ice Festival has been held five years running. A respite from the confinement of the winter months, the Ice Festival is a time to get outdoors and play games.

The festival features a gathering of local residents and nomadic reindeer herders, and performances by shamans, musicians, and sportsmen. Competitions include ice sumo, a horse-drawn sleigh race, ice skating races, tug-of-war between local teams, and a Russian Jeep race on the ice. Many traditional games are played on the sidelines, and this is an ideal venue for visitors to join in the fun and games with local people. The festival is held at Khar-Us on Khuvsgul Lake, a short drive north of Khatgal across the frozen lake ice. 

Мөсний баярын хөтөлбөр:

10.30 Grand Opening Ceremony of the Ice Festival and 4th International Skating Event will take   
place. We will attend traditional performance of local singers and dancers.
11.30 Skaters will start the race for the first 50km.
11.00-13.00 Non skating spectators can enjoy competition of horses' sleighs for 12kms, driven by 
local nomads and traditional game "Ice-Shagai". Before the start, horses will exhibit in front   of tourists and guests can have possibilities to bet on the winner.
14.30-16.30 Competition of skilled drivers on the ice will be held and Contest for "Beautiful Mongolian costume" among participants other.  
20.00 Bonfire and sacrificing shamanic ceremony

10.30-12.00 Competition of skaters for short distances /2km/ 
10.30-14.30 Sumo wrestling on the ice and rope pulling competition. Other optional activities, enjoying horse sleigh or dog sled, horse riding, a trip to visit nomadic are available. 
16.00 Closing Ceremony and winners of competitions will be announced and awarded.

09.00 Travel back to Murun town, take a flight back to Ulaanbaatar. End of the service.

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