West Mongolia

The snow-covered peaks of Mongolian Altai Mountain Range rise up to 4400m above sea level and you will find here remote alpine lakes teeming with fish, ancient stone 
monuments, intricate rock paintings and ancient Turkish burial grounds, swift rivers, larch forests, and valleys strewn with wildflowers. The backcountry of western Mongolia is still relatively unexplored and offers spectacular scenery and excellent opportunities for traveling.
Journeying through this region, you will discover the unique culture of the Kazakhs, Mongolia’s largest ethnic minority. Though their pastoral nomadic lifestyle is similar to that of Khalka Mongolian’s, these Kazakh-speaking nomads are predominantly Muslim. Many Kazakhs still hunt with trained eagles in the winter months and you will have the opportunity to see these magnificent birds during your travels. 

Tsenkher Cave
Tsenkher cave is 25km west of the center of Mankhan sum of Khovd province on the western slope of a mountain that is on the west bank of the Tsenkher river. The cave (20m high) was inhabited 40000-12000 years ago in the Paleolithic Era and it is famous its amazing paintings.

Khar Us Nuur National Park
The park has been protected 1997 and covers 850272 hectare area of Khovd province. Khar Us Nuur is second largest freshwater lake (15800 sq. km) in Mongolia, but, amazingly, with an average depth of only 4m. This lake is the perfect habitat for wild ducks, geese, wood grouse, partridges and seagulls, including rare relict gull and herring gull.

Altai Tavan Bogd National Park
The National Park covers 636200 hectares and there are eternal snow and glacier covered high peaks. This stunningly beautiful park stretches south from Tavan Bogd mountain and includes three lakes of Khoton, Khurgan and Dayan. There are many archeological sites in the park.

Lake Uvs
The lake Uvs, Mongolia’s largest lake by surface area and considerably salty . Rivers such as Tes, Borshoo, Hondlon flow into the lake, but none flow out. Hundreds of water birds crowd the shores during the spring and fall and the surrounding area is home to an abundance of wildlife.

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