East Mongolia
Eastern Mongolian vast steppe is the region where Great Chinggis Khan was born and is one of the most unspoiled and unexplored mysterious areas in Mongolia.

places of historical, ethnographical, natural value, the Dornod Mongolian steppe is famous for its rare fauna and flora, and dramatic sunrises and sunsets. And these steppes are home to rich wildlife, especially thousands of white tailed gazelles and other species, which make it “Mongolia’s Serengeti”. 

Deluun boldog, Birthplace of Genghis Khan
For his 800th birthday, a statue of Genghis Khan was erected in 1962 at Deluun Boldog; a place believed to be the great khan's birthplace, close to what is today Dadal soum, an attractive wooded area in North-west Khentii region.

Lake Buir
Buir is not only beautiful lake but also largest in east Mongolia, being 21km wide, 40km long and covering 615 sq. km. The lake is home to mirror carp, taimen, chub, lenok, amur grayling, pike, khadary, silver carp, amur catfish, burbot, whitefish and golden carp. 

Ganga Nuur Natural Monument Area
The reservation area covers 32860 hectares including freshwater lake Ganga, sand dunes of Moltsog Els, lakes Kholboo, Uizen and Sumt in Sukhbaatar province. The abundance of food and shelter offers an attracting nesting spot for variety of birds including flocks of the white napped crane, whooper swan and little whimbrel and other birds

Dornod Mongolyn Tal
Holds one of the last great plain ecosystems (570374 hectares) on earth, and it is home to 70% of all Mongolian white tailed Gazelle, which roam in herds up to 2000


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