Brief introduction

Territory: 1,564,116 sq km
Population: 2, 9 million, almost half live in countryside areas
Climate: Continental: warm rainy summer and dry cold winter,

Sharp seasonal fluctuations and variations,
Great diurnal temperature changes,
Average summer temperature: +20 C,
Average winter temperature: -24 C,
Average precipitation: 24,5 cm

Terrain: Mountains (40% of the territory) and rolling plateaus with vast
semi-desert and desert plains in the center and desert zone
in the south (Gobi)
Average altitude: 1580 m (highest peak in the Altai-4374 m)  

Capital: Ulaanbaatar
Government: Parliamentary with president elected every 4 years
Main Religion: Buddhist Lamaism
Language: Mongolian

Time: +7 hours to GMT
Electric current: The standard voltage is 220volts/50Hz. Sockets
require a two-pin type plug or an adapter.
Communications: IDD is available in most hotels. Country code: 976 and area code for 

Ulaanbaatar: 11. Internet cafes for 24H.
Health: no specific requirements. Bring a basic medical kit and own
medical supplies

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