Edelwiess hotel and Restaurant


We have standard 40 rooms each 2 beds and restaurant and bar which to service national and international cuisine during 4 season.Focus on yourself whilst we are doing the rest! Enjoy the worldwide renowned and individualistic services that Edelweiss hotel and restaurant offers from the moment of your reservation throughout your entire stay!

Hotel Location

Guest Service Welcome to “Edelweiss hotel”  hotel and restaurant is located in the center of  Moron town by  river   Delgermurun . Edelwiess hotel and restaurant   670 km from UB.Ulaanbaatar is the capital city of Mongolia, with a long and rich history. 

Hotel and restaurant service

A 24hour service and facility at Edelweiss hotel and restaurant  welcoming you with a big smile with a private jeep ,bus , service only for you and spoiling you with continuation of qualified professional service, authentic meal, comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff…..what else do you need?

  • Restaurant-Mongolian and European cuisines
  • Traditional Mongolian ger hotel
  • Laundry
  • Billiard room
  • Post office
  • Internet and Wifi and telephone
  • Car rental
  • Parking
  • Lounge
  • Concert of traditional Mongolia

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