Dalai tour tourist camp

Was established on NorthWest Mongolia, 800 km from Ulaanbaatar / the Mongolian capital city / “Jankhain tsagaan ereg”, south-west side of Khuvsgul Lake is located in 1650 meters above in elevation, in 125 km north from Moron town and 25km from Hatgal town.

The Dalai Tour Camp is about 850 km 2 hours by plane, plus one hour by jeep from Ulaanbaatar.
Our camp is ideally suited for those who’d like to visit the Khuvsgul lake. We serve foreign and domestic visitors by offering all the best services such as introducing nomadic and Tsaatan family lifestyle, shamanism and most of the attractive places in the these area.

We have capacity :

  • Thirty Mongol felt gers (capacity 120 persons)
  • Four Wooden houses 4 (each with 2 beds)
  • Shower bath ,sauna, restrooms
  • Restaurant seating 120 guests
  • Small museum, art shop
  • Traditional art and sport performances
  • Events with local community: meeting, cultural and sport event.

“Dalai tour” camp equipped with all necessary facilities and services. We will do our best for your pleasant stay with us.


•    Mongolian ger camp  (20 gers each with 2, 3 and 4 beds)
•    Water Supply by 100m deep artificial well
•    Safety Condition
•    Restaurant & Bar /120 seats/
•    Hot shower & washing facilities
•    WCs
•    "Dalai Tour" handcraft shop


•    Daily ger keeping
•    Laundry service
•    Archery renting for shooting
•    Boat renting (4-5 persons)
•    Mountain bike
•    Camping gears renting (tent, matt, sleeping bag, gaze stove etc)


Guests of Steppe Nomads fall in love with its food. We serve the best selections of terrific Mongolian cuisine, European specialties as well as some Asian selections.

We treat you with our home-grown veggies and fish, chicken, beef and some sea food, the best possible food in the steppes. Travellers with special diets are treated well here too. 

You will enjoy Steppe Nomads breakfast that consists of bread or rolls or croissants and butter and perhaps jam, also fried eggs with fried sausages served with a glass of fruit juice. Cereals or cornflakes can be served. You can choose from coffee, tea and hot milk for drink.

Dalai Tour camp serves with delicious lunch. Our lunch consist of salad (mainly vegetable salad), soup (all kinds of soups from cream to sour) and main course (European and traditional Mongolian dishes) and of course dessert (cakes, ice cream or fruit). We will take care of vegetarians with our special vegetarian menu.


We will treat you with the best of our dishes for dinner. Dinner consists of salad, main course and dessert. Vegetarians are treated equally, they will love veggie dishes. You can enjoy dinners from European style stakes to Mongolian Barbeque.

At our "Dalai Tour" souvenier shop we sell handmade products made by nearby local families around our camp in order to support their livelihoods and the community.

The local craftsman produce the following products that are made by an ecological raw materials in high quality and high level of colors and designs.
There are: 
  • Mongolian clothes: Mongolian cashmere shirts, jackets, Mongolian traditional boots, etc.
  • Felt items: slippers for man, woman and even children in modern stylish and with various of decorations, and bags, etc.
  • Leather items: bracelets, hand bags, wallets, purses, pouches, key chains, hand phone cases, etc.
  • Souvenirs: amazing shoulder blade bone arts, etc.
The local handcrafts are ready to make products for your order of color, size and design in short time if you want. There is nothing to worry about how to make payment and receive products you choose. 
We are welcoming you to visit at our "Dalai Tour" souvenier shop while you stay at our camp. 

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