Khuvsgul Montravel tour operator

Khuvsgul montravel LLC established in 1998 and is located Murun town of Khuvsgul province 670 km from Ulaabaatar. Our purpose is to share with you untouched nature of Mongolia as well as Mongolian people’s nomadic culture and Reindeerer people’s life style .We hope to  offer you friendly service  to make your stay in Mongolia unique and unforgettable.

After working in the first tourist camp "Dalai tour", in the Moron city's Edelweiss hotel, restaurant for several years we created Tours which provides adventure and exploration to fabulous places, or unique experiences in the   of nomads. 

Our tours are based on specific identities of community and eco tourism by different ethic groups in the local areas where our network spreads. The micro enterprises settled there give us the ability to operate our tours the most convenient way.

We do all our efforts in which our tours to empower local tradition and culture as balancing customer satisfaction and local expectation with profitability.

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